Saturday, February 20, 2010

lovely saturday.

what the day has been so far:

1. laid awake in bed for 10 minutes (the feeling that there is no real rush or need to get out of bed is much savored by me)
2. made coffee (prepped with lots of cream and sugar, pls.)
3. quiet time (to journal, pray, and read my Bible)
4. made some new items and posted to my shop
5. talked to my youngest sister, ashley (it's been awhile so it was very good to laugh and talk to her - miss her so much!!)

what the day looks like ahead of me:

1. shower and look alive
2. more coffee
3.chicago auto show with ryan
4. more art - whether drawing or creating muchloveilly-stuff
5. to RELAX!!! it's been go-go-go all week, so its nice to have a day off for a change.



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