Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hello, wednesday.

oh, wednesday...we meet again. another string of to-do-lists lay ahead of me. hump-day is always a hard one, but so is monday at the beginning of the week...and then friday is exciting cuz you can practically taste the weekend...but it's also the last day of the week, so you feel lowest energy-wise.

and there is a dose of ilene's random thoughts.

but hey, last night was a good night - just like i said. i had a greaaaat workout, super-energized and the 35 minutes did not draaaag on. yummy thai food from silver spoon with ryan and a lil' bit of american-idol action (i know, i know...kinda been an addiction since season 2), plus an INCREDIBLE LOST episode (did i say INCREDIBLE?!). and what topped off the night, four total etsy sales. even one etsy sale makes me happy, but four gets me sky-high giddy.

so before bed, last night i packaged my four packages happily. i know, i'm a nerd and i'm a newbie. some of you, vets, are probably like, "4?! that's nothing!" but then again there are some of you that remember those early days of your lil' etsy shop.

not to go all deep here in this little hump-day post, but i think it's the little things of life that keep a person going. they are the tiny blessings of life (coffee with a friend, an etsy sale, a lovely note, thai food) that makes the worst of days bearable. i'm thankful to God for the little things.

i hope my joy over little things (including one etsy sale) never goes away.

what little things make your day, friend?


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