Thursday, February 25, 2010

american idol. blog idol.


tim urban (ryan calls him percy jackson - i think urban is so stinkin' cuuute!)

casey james (love, love, love his voice - he can ditch the long blonde hair)

andrew garcia (a fan of his voice too - naturally good)

american idol was admittingly a boring week. no one really stood out. i already have my faves (ref to previous phots), but i kinda want them to keep chugging along and finally get to the top 12. for those of you that hate tim, yeah yeah...i know it's about talent but like ellen said, isn't he adorable?! as for other faves, speaking of talent, they def. got IT!


[photo courtesy of andrea joseph's etsy]

so...Andrea Joseph is one of my absolute favorite artists/bloggers in the world. the chick did not even go to art school. we're talking raw, natural talent that evolved over watching television and drawing with a normal ballpoint pen in her moleskin every night ( check out her blog, she'll tell you). anyways, my sister, ash, and i are OBSESSED with her blog. we LOVE it and ADORE her. we could spend hours soaking in and studying her drawings - they are amazing.

last week, she was giving an offer away on her etsy-website (buy one zine, get one free). how could i not pass that up? i have wanted to get a hold of one of those lil' guys - and to have one to pass onto ash...even betta. so i made my purchase ASAP. since it was coming from england, i expected it to take weeks. NOPE. my very precious package arrived today! you should have seen me. i was so excited and giddy.

i carefully opened it, slide the zine out of the mailing envelope and then its own perfect red, slip cover...and oh, it's so perfect. her drawings so wonderful and amazing and gah, i could eat it all up.

she was the one who inspired me to take up drawing and doodling again. she is my inspiration of drawing every day objects and the mundane things that actually possess their own individual beauty.

since it's so late, i'll post pics of my zine tomorrow - esp. for those who don't understand my giddyness. even when you do see the pics, you'll be like "huh?" if you are one of those, why don't you try taking a ballpoint pen and coming up with some fantastic creation.

i doubt it.


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