Sunday, February 28, 2010

the ryans.

kristine and her hubby came up to chicago about two weekends ago. it was so great to have them back. just like old times - the gamboa girls and the hubby.

needless to say, it was a good time.

so if you ever here me say "the ryans" in any of my entires, i'm referring to my bro-in-law, ryan brandenberger and my boyfriend/best friend, ryan butler. and it doesn't work to even say 'ryan b' cuz they are both ryan b.

anyways, i love this pic. my sister isn't in it cuz she's taking the pic (obviously) but it makes me smile and remember the good times with them. we laugh so much and eat a lot and make fun of each other. it's like a mini-family away from home.

maybe more adventures to come, i'm sure.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

do-dee-dah. taking my time on a saturday.

things to do today - but taking my time to do them...

  1. coffee, journal, Bible-reading (DONE)
  2. taxes (DONE)
  3. new etsy-listings (DONE)
  4. urban-outfitters run
  5. drool over fujii-camera (only to drool...DO NOT buy)
  6. buy necessities for Philippines trip next week (can you believe it's next week, folks?!)
  7. order plane ticker for heather's wedding (woohoo)
  8. try to do it all at a steady, calm rush - it's saturday afterall
happy weekend, friends.

Friday, February 26, 2010

the fam.

meet my family.

there's daddy, mom, yours truly - and my lovely seesters, ashley and kristine...and of course, the incredible brothers, peyton (yes the one who is squiggling in kristine's arms) and newest addition to the fam, ryan brandenberger (he and kristine got married last summer - one of my favorite memories of my family).

one of my favorite things in the world is to laugh with them. and when i mean, laugh...i really mean, laugh. we laugh until our side hurts and tears our running down our faces. we count down until the next time we have the chance to do this.

oh, i love them so much. they are my best friends foreva.

like a bad dream - but good.

so...i've been wanting one of these lil' guy since i laid eyes on him in the december 2009 issue of 'lucky' magazine. i forgot about my crush on him until he popped up in two of my fave blogs. and what makes it worse is that the price dropped...oh, boy! i kinda, really, sort-of want to place an order for one...but i really know that i should not. now is not the time for a fun toy like this.

right? right? do i hear any seconds? anyone want to help me justify this purchase?
he's just oh so lovely.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

american idol. blog idol.


tim urban (ryan calls him percy jackson - i think urban is so stinkin' cuuute!)

casey james (love, love, love his voice - he can ditch the long blonde hair)

andrew garcia (a fan of his voice too - naturally good)

american idol was admittingly a boring week. no one really stood out. i already have my faves (ref to previous phots), but i kinda want them to keep chugging along and finally get to the top 12. for those of you that hate tim, yeah yeah...i know it's about talent but like ellen said, isn't he adorable?! as for other faves, speaking of talent, they def. got IT!


[photo courtesy of andrea joseph's etsy]

so...Andrea Joseph is one of my absolute favorite artists/bloggers in the world. the chick did not even go to art school. we're talking raw, natural talent that evolved over watching television and drawing with a normal ballpoint pen in her moleskin every night ( check out her blog, she'll tell you). anyways, my sister, ash, and i are OBSESSED with her blog. we LOVE it and ADORE her. we could spend hours soaking in and studying her drawings - they are amazing.

last week, she was giving an offer away on her etsy-website (buy one zine, get one free). how could i not pass that up? i have wanted to get a hold of one of those lil' guys - and to have one to pass onto ash...even betta. so i made my purchase ASAP. since it was coming from england, i expected it to take weeks. NOPE. my very precious package arrived today! you should have seen me. i was so excited and giddy.

i carefully opened it, slide the zine out of the mailing envelope and then its own perfect red, slip cover...and oh, it's so perfect. her drawings so wonderful and amazing and gah, i could eat it all up.

she was the one who inspired me to take up drawing and doodling again. she is my inspiration of drawing every day objects and the mundane things that actually possess their own individual beauty.

since it's so late, i'll post pics of my zine tomorrow - esp. for those who don't understand my giddyness. even when you do see the pics, you'll be like "huh?" if you are one of those, why don't you try taking a ballpoint pen and coming up with some fantastic creation.

i doubt it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

learning all the time.

so im constantly hungry to figure things out.
what i can't figure out is why these are super popular in my lil' shop, yet no one has yet made a move to purchase them?
yet...other items don't even get hearted and are whisked off of the online-shelf.
can't figure it out? how does that work, etsy-vets?

here are some of the puzzlers:


and this one too...

hmmm...most views, most hearts. so what's the deal? etsy-vets, any thoughts here?


there is something so sweet and innocent about this phrase.
i love it.

[photo via On a High Note]

hello, wednesday.

oh, wednesday...we meet again. another string of to-do-lists lay ahead of me. hump-day is always a hard one, but so is monday at the beginning of the week...and then friday is exciting cuz you can practically taste the weekend...but it's also the last day of the week, so you feel lowest energy-wise.

and there is a dose of ilene's random thoughts.

but hey, last night was a good night - just like i said. i had a greaaaat workout, super-energized and the 35 minutes did not draaaag on. yummy thai food from silver spoon with ryan and a lil' bit of american-idol action (i know, i know...kinda been an addiction since season 2), plus an INCREDIBLE LOST episode (did i say INCREDIBLE?!). and what topped off the night, four total etsy sales. even one etsy sale makes me happy, but four gets me sky-high giddy.

so before bed, last night i packaged my four packages happily. i know, i'm a nerd and i'm a newbie. some of you, vets, are probably like, "4?! that's nothing!" but then again there are some of you that remember those early days of your lil' etsy shop.

not to go all deep here in this little hump-day post, but i think it's the little things of life that keep a person going. they are the tiny blessings of life (coffee with a friend, an etsy sale, a lovely note, thai food) that makes the worst of days bearable. i'm thankful to God for the little things.

i hope my joy over little things (including one etsy sale) never goes away.

what little things make your day, friend?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i got a feeling.

i gotta feeling - that tonight's gonna be a goodnight (since the rest of it outloud!)


1. working out (though i hate it when i'm working out, it feels sooo good later on!)
2. dinner with the boy (haven't seen him for awhile so i'm looking forward to it)
3. american idol and some olympic-action
4. then heading home for some LOST!!!!

i gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a goodnight, that tonight's gonna be a goodnight, that tonight's gonna be a good-good-niiiiight!

Monday, February 22, 2010

You are My Fave: 2nd etsy feature!!!

maybe it's 'cause i'm a newbie at the etsy and blogging world, but i get giddy excited over little being highlighted on a popular blog: 'you are my fave.'

check it out! plus the blog itself is pretty chic, so enjoy Melanie's creativity that too!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

oh, i want one. maybe two, pls.

ryan and i went to the auto show yesterday. lots of sweeeet cars. not too many concept cars so that was disappointing. overall, it was fun to be there , esp. to see how people buzzed around cars, jumping in and out of them, taking mad pictures.

i want one of these, a 2010 final edition of the VW beatle...

or even one of these - looove Bumblebee...

and there were a ton of people buzzing around "Bumble-bee" for sure. i wanted to get a picture inside of it but the line was too long.

it's fun to dream. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

words of comfort.

someone shared these encouraging words with me today.
there is comfort to know that Someone is looking out for us, don't you think?

"The steps of Ilene are ordered and directed by the Lord when He delights in her way (and He busies Himself with her every step.) Though she falls, she shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord grasps her hand in support and upholds her." Psalm 37:23-24 Amplified

lovely saturday.

what the day has been so far:

1. laid awake in bed for 10 minutes (the feeling that there is no real rush or need to get out of bed is much savored by me)
2. made coffee (prepped with lots of cream and sugar, pls.)
3. quiet time (to journal, pray, and read my Bible)
4. made some new items and posted to my shop
5. talked to my youngest sister, ashley (it's been awhile so it was very good to laugh and talk to her - miss her so much!!)

what the day looks like ahead of me:

1. shower and look alive
2. more coffee
3.chicago auto show with ryan
4. more art - whether drawing or creating muchloveilly-stuff
5. to RELAX!!! it's been go-go-go all week, so its nice to have a day off for a change.


Friday, February 19, 2010

not a goodbye. just a hello.

i feel like i'm cheating on a friend.

my tumblr-blog has been a dear. it really has. so many good memories. some lovely posts. the beginnings of my blogging inspirations; however, i think i am saying 'hello' to a new friend.

like i said, not a complete good-bye. M.M., i will still visit you often - to reminisce the good times, to be inspired. you have been good to me.

oh, but 'muchlove-illy', i am excited about this new relationship. excited to be able to follow other bloggers, no matter their domain. excited that your name matches the name of my etsy shop. excited that you won't take as forever to load onto my computer. excited about the adventures you will take me on.

hello, muchlove-illy.