Friday, December 31, 2010

my letter to the year two-thousand-and-ten.

as i looked through all the zillions of pictures on my laptop, i realized how good a year you were. i remember having those moments thinking that this might be the roughest year with all the changes that were taking place...but at the end of the day (or we could say year), everything unfolded in just the right time. i look back and see God's perfect timing and His hand orchestrate so much more than i could ever envision. 

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chicago. friends considered family. babysitting adventures. philippines. engagment to my best friend. transformers. saying goodbye. 

 "there is a time for everthing, and a season for every activity under the heavens..."
ecclesiastes 3:1

i'm thankful for the past year and now i'm looking forward and ahead to the brand new year!
what are some of your favorite memories from the past year?

[happy new year's eve!]

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

dancing to kesha, jackson 5, vampire weekend to name a few.

still enjoying the holiday season.

like i told you yesterday, my sister and (her) ryan are here till after new year's so the holiday season is still rolling on. and i'm loving every single second of it. we're still eating, laughing, playing lots! love it. 

shirt: base exchange / belt: forever 21/ skirt: forever21
tights: tjmax / boots: belk 
so the red shirt in this outfit post is a recent fave! ashley got it for me for christmas - and it's shape and the buttons that line the back make me swoon! is it not so fun?! and is not my sister the cutest?! we love having her back home - and she def. has the cutest style! don't you love that sweater and those UGGs?! 

and like i mentioned we've had lots of fun playing!! did anyone else get Just Dance 2 for Christmas? ashley got it from kristine and ryan - and oh my goodness, it is SO addicting and def. quite the work out! it is SO much fun - and for all those regretting all the holiday weight gain, this is definitely a work out in itself! i am not even joking. (don't you love our intense faces?! especially mine! i get SO into it!)

anyone else addicted to any particular games? just dance 2? angry birds? 
not that i need anything else to consume my time! haha - but it's def. fun to have a stress-reliever like an app or a video games every now and then, you know what i mean? 

well, i'm going to go enjoy some time with the family. maybe play another round of tik tok and i want you back. seriously, this game is uuuh-dicting. *wink*

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]
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